In the urban context, the „good life“ is built on neighborhoods and districts which are defined by spatial, social and functional aspects. In the city of Bern’s development concept of 2015, mobility is treated as an essential factor in the section hubs and district structure. Initially local circumstances (e.g. the modal split) as well as current trends were analyzed. Subsequently a mobility strategy was developed and integrated with the existing policy of hubs and district structure. The strategy was then applied to particular functional spaces with an emphasis on bicycle traffic, car sharing and local logistics.


City of Bern
Urban Planning Department

berchtoldkrass space&options / 2014

• Analysis of local circumstances and current trends of mobility (e.g. GIS- based analyses of reachability)
• Creating a mobility strategy within the policy of hubs and district structure
• Implementation of measures in concrete spatial areas (especially bicycle traffic, car sharing and local logistics)